Wednesday 6th September

20:00     Informal ice breaker in student club Kampa

Thursday 7th September

09:00     Registration

09:50     Welcome

10:00     PLENARY TALK: Dr. Kate Arnold (University of St. Andrews, UK): The search for language in wild West African primates: going against the grain.

11:00     Coffee break with poster session

Session 1 (Chair: Dr. Pavel Němec)

11:15    Sabine Martini (University of Duisburg-Essen, DE): Magnetoreception in Dogs

11:35     Sandra Malewski (University of Duisburg-Essen, DE): Digging towards North – How to Orient in Underground Burrow Systems?

11:55     Lunch break

Session 2 (Chair: Dr. Petr Veselý)

13:15     Cornelia Habl (University of Vienna, AT): The Keybox: Shape-frame fitting during tool use in Goffin’s Cockatoos (Cacatua goffiniana)

13:35     Massimo de Agró (University of Padua, IT): Abstract stimuli discrimination in the jumping spider Phidippus regius

13:55     Alejandro Corregidor (University of Southern Denmark, DK): Problem solving capabilities of Peach-fronted Conures (Eupsittula aurea)

14:15     Khia E. Dobbinson (University of Hull, UK): Odd & on the edge: using computerised prey to study predator preference

14:35     Coffee break with poster session

Session 3 (Chair: Dr. Pavel Linhart)

15:00     Abel Souriau (Charles University in Prague, CZ): Asymmetrical song convergence in two hybridizing nightingales: a potential role in interspecific communication?

15:20     Bawan Amin (Leiden University, NL): What’s that I hear? Can traffic noise confuse bats?

15:45     Guided tour of subterranean rodents laboratory

19:00     Social event in KMP (Klub malých pivovarů České Budějovice)

Friday 8th September

09:30     PLENARY TALK: Prof. Thomas Bugnyar (University of Vienna, AT): Raven Politics – Understanding and Use of Social Relations

10:30     Coffee break with poster session

Session 4 (Chair: Dr. Petr Veselý)

11:00     Verity Bridger (University of Exeter, UK): Social learning in the nest: how can nestling birds use adult calls to learn about predators?

11:20     Victoria Lee (University of Exeter, UK): Do jackdaws learn socially about unfamiliar people?

11:40     Liisa Hämäläinen (University of Cambridge, UK): Does a high toxin load make social information about prey more valuable for predators?

12:00     Lunch break

Session 5 (Chair: Dr. Pavel Duda)

13:00     Andrea Sommese (Institute of Animal Science, Prague, CZ): The degree of communication between humans and dogs, wolfdogs and wolves in association with the genetic background

13:20     Gabriel Šaffa (University of Presov, SK): Risk Perception of Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus Pygerythrus) in Urban and Rural Habitats

13:40     Giulia Cimarelli (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, AT): Intraspecific social relationships in pack-living dogs and wolves

14:00     Bruno Esattore (Institute of Animal Science, Prague, CZ): To beat or not to beat: “opportunistic” behaviour during antler growth period modifies cortisol concentration in red deer (Cervus elaphus) male

14:20     Coffee break with poster session

Session 6 (Chair: Dr. Martina Konečná)

14:50     Vedrana Šlipogor (University of Vienna, AT): Psychological or Biological Approach to Personality? Method Validation in Common Marmosets

15:10     Velia Nicotra (University of Parma, IT): Evaluating jealousy in pet dogs: Different approaches bring multiple results

15:30     Manon Corbin (CNRS Strasbourg, FR): Tell me what kind of collective behaviour you initiate, I will tell you who you are

15:50     Farewell and award of prizes

18:00     Optional guided tour of the Budweiser Budvar Brewery (180 Kč per person)

19:30     Pub – reservation at Potrefená Husa


Saturday 9th September

Optional trip to castle and zoo in Hluboká nad Vltavou



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